• 46° Congreso Argentino de Anestesiología
  • 5º Congreso Argentino de Seguridad Vial
  • VIII Jornadas Andinas de Especialidades Médicas Integradas
  • 15th Rio Symposium on Atomic Spectrometry
  • Congreso Argentino de Gastroenterología y Endospica Digestiva
  • XXIII Congreso Argentino de Kinesiología
  • 11º Simposio Cuyano de Enfermedad Cardiovascular en la Mujer
  • XVI Reunión Plenaria de Contratistas Forrajeros
  • III Congreso Provincial de Emprendedores
  • Conferencia JCI de las Américas 2019
In our company:
  • We plan, carry out and evaluate actions aimed at the selection and development of people for temporary, occasional and permanent jobs.
  • We select personnel according to the needs of each specific event.
  • We design and implement performance assessment systems.
  • We detect needs, design, coordinate and evaluate people training programs in temporary, occasional and permanent jobs.
  • We describe tasks, prepare professional profiles and define the people necessary for each specific activity, company and institution.
  • We comply with all documents, current legal and tax requirements and provide advice on these issues.
  • We counsel on the elaboration of policies and standards concerning the management and development of people in the institutions or companies where they work.
  • We take part in the organization of internal information and communications systems, organizing, coordinating and implementing programs to improve internal relations and communications within organizations.
  • We work as a team to maximize results in all the activities in which we take part.